December 19, 2014

Is Loudoun School Board Member Bill Fox running for Congress?

I was just informed that Bill Fox (R-Leesburg), Leesburg District Representative to the Loudoun County School Board, sent out an invitation on Facebook to attend his “Announcement Event” at 3 Wirt Street NW, Leesburg, VA next Monday at 7:00pm.

Text of the invitation reads:

Join me, my supporters, and friends of personal liberty and limited government in Northern Virginia for a major announcement! If you really want to hear what the Fox says, this is your chance to find out!

Just our luck, Bill Fox might just be announcing that he just saved money switching to Geico.

John Whitbeck loses. Establishment and Grassroots Republicans delusional as ever.

I have a few good friends in the political game who are even-keeled and don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Learning from them and adding a bit of my own knowledge, I could have told you that John Whitbeck was destined for obscurity. Heck, one of my guys who predicted the election numbers almost to the percentage point called me up last night and had a Richard Sherman moment, telling me, “I’m the best consultant in the game!” God bless him. He really is quite the talker, but he has a heart of gold and indisputably knows his stuff. He refuses to compromise his views and effectiveness for monetary gain by being part of an incestuous, go-along-to-get-along, Washington “consultant class”. Wished more Virginia Republicans would take his advice and keep him around because he is gifted and has an insanely flawless general election record!

Jennifer Wexton won the special election for the Senate of Virginia’s 33rd District seat last night outright in commanding fashion. The final score was 52.71%-37.5%-9.78%. I criticize both Grassroots and Establishment Republicans for this defeat. In fact, I will save my most heated criticisms for the Establishment. Let’s go.

Grassroots Republicans

Grassroots Republicans do include Tea Party people, but generally represent the Republicans in the home turf who stayed at home, got a job at home, worked hard, and through no fault of their own, are not connected to power and privilege in Washington and Richmond. They are everyday people like you and me who are more interested in what their children will wear to school than what they themselves will wear to the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Grassroots Republicans have taken to the internet to blame Joe May for throwing the election to the Democrats. Excuse me. Do you understand math? Jennifer Wexton won outright with 53% of the vote in an election that attracted nearly 20% voter turnout during a snow day. Joe May was insignificant. Give all of May’s votes to Whitbeck and Whitbeck still loses 53%-47%. It is also highly probable that Joe May siphoned off Wexton supporters as well and attracted people who would have otherwise stayed home so we can’t claim that Whitbeck automatically gets a 10 point bump if May dropped out. A 53%-38% victory in a three way could be 57%-43% in a head-to-head matchup. It looks bad either way.

Establishment Republicans

Please note that unlike others, I do not use the term “Establishment” as a euphemism for “moderate.” “Establishment” represents a white collar, made-for-television, DC Cocktail Party Circuit, nerd-prom attending, elitist, insular, incestuous Northwest Washington crowd. The Establishment label applies to influential players and hanger-ons alike. Ideology has nothing to do with being Establishment. You can be “of Washington” and still be a hardcore conservative. Jim DeMint is every bit as Establishment as John McCain.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who spent most of his life at home working in a non-political business and defeated Establishment favorite Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT), rejects the glitzy, clique-ish, Hollywood-like, Washington lifestyle so he would not be considered Establishment.

Establishment Republicans are now crying foul about the mass meeting that was used to nominate the Senate candidate and are demanding primaries. Some disgruntled Grassroots Republicans are opening themselves up to this line of thinking. Such silliness knows no boundaries. Let us be real here.

In a mass meeting (almost synonymous to a convention, almost), the candidates were:

John Whitbeck
Ron Meyer

In a hypothetical state-sponsored or firehouse (party-run) primary, the candidates would have been:

John Whitbeck
Ron Meyer
Former Delegate Joe May (He would have stayed a Republican and not turned independent. May was recently defeated in a primary for his old Delegate seat representing Western Loudoun, Clarke, and Frederick Counties.)

I have three questions to pose to both Establishment and Grassroots Republicans alike.

1. Considering the options, does it matter what the nominating process was?

Answer: No, the nominating process was irrelevant and had no effect on the outcome of the general election whatsoever.

2. For primary-supporting Establishment Republicans and desperate Grassroots Republicans willing to change the means of selecting candidates in order to win, would any of the candidates in the hypothetical primary have a chance to defeat Wexton?

Answer: No, not even Joe May could beat Wexton. Joe May has no working history with Eastern Loudoun and Western Fairfax. Jennifer Wexton has deeper roots in the area. Also, don’t forget that the grassroots always seem to have their way against the moneyed-Establishment regardless of the nominating process. Establishment favorite Joe May was ousted from his safe Delegate seat in an open, state-sponsored primary by an underfunded challenger.

3. Ignore the answer to question 2 and pretend for a moment. Would Republicans have been okay with the nomination of a Republican Joe May via a primary if it was indeed proven through extensive polling that Joe May ultimately was the only Republican able to defeat Jennifer Wexton? (Yes, we are talking about Joe May who supported the popular bipartisan Transportation Bill that was criticized as a tax hike and cost him his Delegate seat in a state-sponsored primary election.)

Answer: Y’all got to answer that question for yourselves. What you say here will speak volumes about your priorities.

Many Republicans are refusing to acknowledge the obvious. There was nothing wrong with the nominating process. If it is not the nominating process, which was a convention-like mass meeting, that is wrong, what could possibly be wrong? No one is considering the content of the message. Like it or not, conservative policies are not selling well in Virginia the way it used to sell. Virginians are rapidly becoming liberal. Virginia is rated as a Democratic state for 2016 by notable pundits and Democrats are especially focused in 2014 to pick up seats at the local, state, and federal levels in Virginia to lay the groundwork for a permanent Democratic majority come 2020.

My consultant buddy with an unparalleled track record of general election success told me there is a way to reverse this, but he won’t allow me to give away the farm. Free enterprise is a wonderful thing. Pay the man and show him some respect!

Fairfax County Republican Committee shows its amateurism in fighting War on Women attacks.

One of the goals of last December’s Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Advance was to train candidates and activists to react to and overcome Democrat War on Women attack strategies, and that’s why Susan Allen, Barbara Comstock, and Kate Obenshain were given prime speaking slots to address this political messaging issue and offer winning counterstrategies.

Well, it seems the Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) leadership was sleeping in class. Jennifer Wexton, the Democrat nominee running in the 33rd Senate District special election ran a typical War on Women attack add against her GOP opponent. This is how the FCRC reacted?


Fairfax GOP Chairman Calls for Wexton to Withdraw

Despicable Video Proves She Is Unfit to Serve Constituents of 33rd Senate District

FAIRFAX – Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) Chairman Jay McConville today called for an immediate apology by 33rd District Senate Candidate Jennifer Wexton and a withdrawal from the race after she released a video comparing political opponents to rapists and violent criminals.

“To say that I am shocked by the recent video released by Jennifer Wexton in which she compares her political opponents to rapists and violent criminals is a gross understatement. This ridiculous demagoguery has no place in American politics. Not only is this an insult to the good citizens and Patriots who oppose her brand of big-government policies, it is also an affront to all the victims of rape and violent crime who have suffered through these terrible traumas.

Ms. Wexton has proven, undoubtedly, that she is unfit to serve the people of Virginia. She must believe that she has a formula for electoral success – demonize your opponent. But by casting a very significant portion of her potential constituents in the worst possible light, she has shown herself unfit for office. Clearly she does not know that she is running to serve all the people, not just her favored special interest groups. After this affront, there is really no imaginable way that she could serve the 33rd District. She has so far even refused to take down the offending video from her campaign website. This is unacceptable, not to mention strange, behavior.

I am calling on Ms. Wexton to issue an immediate apology to the people of Virginia and to withdraw from the race. If she refuses to do that, then I ask all good citizens to send her a very clear message that this type of political sleaze is not welcome in Virginia and on January 21st, they should cast their vote for John Whitbeck for Senate.”

The Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) provides the grassroots support across Fairfax County to our Republican Party, Republican elected officials, and our candidates. For more information or to get involved with the FCRC, please contact or call 703.766.4467.

In the First Responder community, the Golden Hour is that critical time period a critically wounded patient has to get to a hospital and receive lifesaving treatment. I guess the political equivalent would be that critical time period you have to prevent an opponent’s targeted message from sinking in with a key voting block. Instead of offering factual counterpoints on the GOP-led bipartisan effort to prevent a Gosnell-style abortion clinic in Virginia or any of the other GOP efforts to improve the health system and criminal justice for women patients and crime victims (ie, strategies discussed at the RPV Advance), the FCRC chose to use its Golden Hour to claim Wexton was demonizing her opponent and needs to withdraw from the race.

Seriously? Outside of the shocking claim a politician is trying to demonize an opponent (sarcasm alert), the FCRC might want to consider their amateur stance comes at a time when the dominant political news story involves a GOP governor’s staff demonizing and harassing the mayor and residents of Fort Lee, NJ. I guess timing was never the FCRC’s strength… nor was paying attention in class.

Why won’t Ron Meyer get a job?

Last last week, I gave Ron Meyer this delicious post-Thanksgiving feast.

Yesterday, Virginia Virtucon weighed in on this narcissistic douche and tool with this LOL.

The above article referenced these greatest hits.

“The Pointlessness of Ron Meyer”
published in the American Conservative

“Letter to a young conservative (Ron Meyer, Jr.)” published in the Daily Caller

This music video is dedicated to self-suspended Congressional candidate turned Virginia State Senate candidate Ron Meyer, Jr.

Dumb and Dumber run for Virginia’s 33rd Senate District Republican Primary

Ron Meyer, of the “caring” yet “me-first” self-esteem focused millenial generation, is a politically ambitious, opportunistic, attention-starved, celebrity-seeking politician. They say the most dangerous area on Capitol Hill is the path between Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and a television camera. Well, the most dangerous path in Northern Virginia and the Fox News DC studio is the path between Ron Meyer and a roomful of high-dollar donors and a camera, respectively.

Ron Meyer is suspending his quixotic Congressional campaign against Gerry Connolly (D-VA) to run for the State Senate in the event that Senator Mark Herring (D – Loudoun, Fairfax) prevails in the recount in the race for Attorney General and has to vacate his Senate seat in District 33. Meyer will follow in the footsteps of political icons in recent history who have suspended their campaigns supposedly for the greater good.

Ross Perot, among other things, did not want to throw the 1992 Presidential election into chaos in the House of Representatives and wanted to protect his daughter from dirty campaign tricks by Republicans so he suspended his campaign, only to reenter late and lose. He was also a lazy campaigner and hired rank amateurs to run his operation.

John McCain suspended his 2008 Presidential campaign to go back to Washington and “save the economy.” He voted for TARP and his poll numbers would drop across the board after he was leading Barack Obama in early September after his nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President breathed life and energy into a dead campaign.

Ron Meyer suspended his Congressional campaign to run for State Senate. Let us not beat around the bush. Ron Meyer will lose both races.

What is more pathetic is that Ron Meyer will lose to another joker who is just as politically ambitious, opportunistic, attention-starved, and celebrity-seeking as he is. John Whitbeck running for Mark Herring’s State Senate seat when it vacates was an open and notorious secret in Loudoun political circles. He really should have been Delegate by now. In his 2011 House of Delegates primary, the kid Whitbeck had the support of far-right grassroots conservatives who dominate politics in the 10th Congressional District, of which Whitbeck now leads the RPV unit as 10th District Chair. The elder Randy Minchew had the support of the business community and normal people. Whitbeck would have cruised, were it not for the fact that unknown upstart Cara Townsend ran an unexpectedly professional campaign with meager resources and garnered a shocking 22%. She siphoned voters away from Whitbeck and allowed Minchew to win by a hair in a primary that is tantamount to election.

Whitbeck was not bitter about his dashed dream of fame and stardom, just like Mitt Romney and his “silver medals” from 2008. He carefully scripted his next two years, rubbed the right elbows, endorsed the right people, stayed in the periphery of the limelight he so craves, said the “right things”, and kept his campaign team intact (just like another loser Mitt Romney).

Except Whitbeck made a serious snafu stumping for right-wing nutjob Ken Cuccinelli in which he made a tasteless, offensive joke targeting Jewish people and his audience full of 10th District right wing extremists laughed at the joke. “47%” sounds tame compared to “it is a bill for the Last Supper”, but the former was a campaign killer (among other things…that Romney campaign was a disaster from the flip-flopping elitist candidate himself to the bottom) and the latter will prove to be a campaign killer.

Dumb and Dumber run for Virginia’s 33rd Senate District Republican Primary. Who is Dumb and who is Dumber is a matter of your personal preference. Neither are good so we won’t judge you based on your labeling. Where is Smart and Smarter when you need them?

How to win in Fairfax County @BarbaraComstock

Mona Charen writes what I have been saying all along.

Elections are about building coalitions. Do you want to win crossover Democratic support? Be nice. Also, hire talented pro-life Democrats like me to work for you!

Everybody in politics tries to tap into their boss’ networks to “move up” the political ladder and “star gaze.” I never wanted any of that. My PR firm made a few high-dollar contributions to Barbara and never once did I ask to have my name featured on a fundraising event host committee. I would follow Barbara wherever she went even if she was completely unknown in politics and had zero Washington insider connections. That is real loyalty. Barbara could run for dogcatcher and I would still be with her. Heck, I might even have more fun working in a dogcatcher office. The constituents would be uber cute!

Do you love puppies? Virginia Delegate Barbara Comstock loves puppies! Vote for Barbara Comstock!

Do you love puppies?

Virginia Delegate Barbara Comstock loves puppies! They love her back!


Vote for Delegate Barbara Comstock on Tuesday, November 5th if you love puppies!


Disclosure: Barbara has been a boss and client since day one and is like a mother to me.

Kathleen Murphy – Tax Raising Tax Delinquent

Kathleen Murphy wants to raise taxes, but can’t even pay her own taxes. Such elitism and hypocrisy does not belong anywhere near an elected office.


Right wing radicals bash so-called moderates and win. Same right wing radicals demand endorsements from same defeated moderates.

The abrasive, unsavory right wing radicals who trashed the genteel Republican Delegate Joe May’s reputation during the primary campaign that led to May’s defeat after 20 years of quiet, thoughtful, and selfless service to the Commonwealth of Virginia at the hands of the bellicose, extremist flamethrower Dave LaRock are now once again publicly excoriating May for not endorsing LaRock in the general election.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 3.56.26 PM

This begs the question. If hardcore, extreme right wing radicals believe so-called moderates are killing society, why do they press defeated moderates so hard to endorse their hardcore conservative nominee for the general election?

If people are judged by the company they keep, which extremist right wing radicals routinely do to other Republicans and will tar-and-feather otherwise-conservative Republican elected officials for receiving Democratic support and respect, why do these same right wing radicals seek the endorsement of the so-called moderates they just ousted?

Wouldn’t such an endorsement from a moderate reflect badly on their “pure” right-wing conservative candidate?

I left the Republican Party and became an Independent in Virginia because of Dave LaRock (R)

Dave LaRock is challenging the incumbent Republican Delegate Joe May, a quintessential Virginia Gentleman, in a Republican primary for the 33rd House District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates on June 11, 2013.

I urge all Virginians to vote for Joe May. He is a community leader, an inventor, and a good guy who puts the needs of his constituents first. People in many parts of Northern Virginia do not win reelection consistently because they are fire-breathing ideologues who throw red meat to the base. People like Joe May consistently win reelection in Northern Virginia because while they stand firm on their values, they listen more than they speak, do not claim to know all the answers, and treat everyone with respect.

The real work of a Delegate is not in making bombastic ideological arguments and picking fights with the opposition to get on television and the newspapers. The real work of a Delegate is do all the unglamorous work away from the cameras to make the community a better place like volunteering in the schools, connecting constituents to job opportunities, meeting with different constituencies to learn about their problems and how to solve them, cleaning up public spaces, repairing potholes, sheltering storm victims, and mentoring youth. The list goes on.

None of the real work of being a Delegate outlined above is partisan work. This is bridge building work. Joe May has built bridges for years. Congressman Frank Wolf has built bridges for years and has worked with Delegate Joe May from day one. The reason why Frank Wolf and Joe May are highly respected and win general elections so easily regardless of the political winds is because they are outstanding non-partisan community leaders and problem solvers.

You can have a conversation with Joe May about an issue in which you disagree with each other and walk away feeling like a human being. However, you cannot have a reasonable conversation with Dave LaRock in which you disagree with each other. You will walk away from the experience not feeling like a human being.

Dave LaRock is an arrogant, bellicose, belligerent, condescending, confrontational, contemptuous, egotistical, flame-throwing, hard-headed, hostile, hypocritical, ignorant, insolent, low-rent, petty, petulant, rude, self-serving, smug, and truculent megalomaniac.

No, I did not use a thesaurus. These are all adjectives that come to mind to describe Dave LaRock based on my past interactions with him and based on the experiences of other conservative Republicans I know and trust.

I first met Dave LaRock in Hillsboro, VA for Hillsboro’s Independence Day celebration in 2011. Upon greeting each other and shaking hands, LaRock proceeded to instigate a 30 minute blood-boiling argument with me during the fireworks show about why I was not supporting Dick Black in the 13th Senate District Republican primary. I told him that John Stirrup is a good man who is a solid conservative and will represent us well.

LaRock would have none of that. He accused me of being soft on abortion because I supported a candidate in John Stirrup who as a Prince William County Supervisor never had to take a vote on abortion and thus, according to LaRock, can’t be trusted. LaRock fully endorses the ridiculous, polarizing, and embarrassing antics that Dick Black displayed on the House floor that ultimately did more harm for the image and substance of the pro-life movement than help. LaRock wanted to see John Stirrup be a bombastic freak show in the PWC Government Center and force the Board of Supervisors to take action on an issue in which they have virtually no jurisdiction to prove his pro-life bona fides. Clearly, LaRock does not have an understanding of how government works and the practical requirements to serve ably and competently in office.

Then came the fight over Metrorail. Dave LaRock is responsible for many severed friendships in Loudoun County. He pitted friends who disagreed with each other on the issue against one another. Through lies, he manufactured hysteria and panic among the conservative grassroots over Metro. His minions created crude, handmade “No Metro Tax” signs and plastered them illegally all across the county, including hard to reach places like high up on light poles and on the right of ways of busy roads. LaRock’s neediness and need for attention led him to stalk all Loudoun Supervisors (9-0 Republican), even the ones who agreed with him from the start, and demand that they meet with him on a regular basis even if he had no new information to present on Metro. LaRock’s constant bullying and harassment led to Supervisor Geary Higgins (a beneficiary of LaRock’s dirty campaigning in 2011) admonishing and reprimanding the shameful, disgusting, and hurtful tactics employed by Dave LaRock on the public record after he casted a vote that LaRock would have liked to kill Metro. Yes, even people who agree with LaRock politically think he is a low life.

The people also admonished and reprimanded LaRock in Loudoun County. Despite an aggressive door-to-door political campaign to distribute literature on Metro to every voter in the county, scientific polls consistently showed that 80%-90% of the people in eastern Loudoun supported Metro and 50%-60% supported Metro in the rural west.

The Metro fight led to my ouster from Loudoun County Republican politics. In 2011, I was a star among Loudoun County Republicans for consulting on two victorious races. By mid 2012, my accomplishments and contributions in 2011 were immediately erased from collective memory and I became persona non grata within the Loudoun County Republican Committee all because I supported Metro.

The easiest way to radicalize the opposition is to make your disagreements personal. Since Dave LaRock would always smugly and condescendingly shove his flyers of lies about Metro at me every time he saw me and asked me, “have you changed your mind about this issue?” I hope that in the future, Dave LaRock is forced to live a “car-free diet” in Arlington County and be required to take the Metro, ride the ART bus, shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s with his reusable bags, and cook dinner in his high-rise loft while listening to jazz music.

I have spoken about this issue ad nauseam, but I support public transportation and smart growth because I can’t work when I drive. In today’s 21st century economy with 4G LTE, I and many other working professionals cannot tolerate losing an hour of productivity being stuck behind the wheel. Riding mass transit allows us to bill clients during our hour long commute as we work on our computers or catch up on our reading and sleep.

Despite what Dave LaRock and his minions will say about “liberal social engineering,” LaRock is engaging in “liberal social engineering” himself when he promotes policies that encourage suburban sprawl and force us into automobile dependency that kills productivity for the Information Age business person. You never thought you would read “Dave LaRock” and “liberal” in the same sentence did you?

Yes, I have my qualms about certain individuals on Joe May’s staff. That said, I personally have worked on a campaign that had a dysfunctional staff and still won.

The ironic thing is that all of the dirty tricks and negative campaigning Dave LaRock accuses Joe May of doing are the same dirty tricks and negative campaigning LaRock employed in 2011 as Loudoun GOP activist and in 2012 as the ring leader of the discredited Loudoun Opt Out movement to kill Metro. If there is one thing that unites a diverse community, it is their opposition to the divisive anger and hate coming from Dave LaRock. Many reasonable conservative Republicans will agree with this assessment of Dave LaRock from the progressive Loudoun Progress.

Virginia deserves statesmen. What kind of statesman barges into the campaign office of his opposition to intimidate college students and attempt to convert them? That is exactly what Dave LaRock did as he stormed the office of Joe May himself to intimidate hardworking college students serving a fine Virginia Gentleman. That is not statesmanship. That is immature, insecure, insolent behavior that would not be tolerated in any kindergarten class, much less the Virginia General Assembly.

Virginians, make no mistake. There are current elected officials who bring shame and embarrassment to the Republican Party and conservative principles. Dave LaRock is the unpleasant, unsavory combination of Dick Black, Eugene Delgaudio, Bob Marshall, and then some rolled into one. These are the stakes.

Virginia is George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe. Virginia is Joe May. Virginia is NOT Dave LaRock.

On June 11, 2013, stand up for common sense, decency, goodness, and the Virginia Way. Vote Joe May in the Republican primary for the 33rd House District.