November 27, 2015

Draft Dave Albo for Congress (VA-8)


I urge Delegate Dave Albo to run for the open U.S. House of Representatives seat in Virginia’s 8th District. Dave Albo, a West Springfield High School alumnus, has a Delegate seat in the 42nd District that covers a significant amount of territory in the 8th Congressional District. He starts with a base that no other Republican challenger can claim.

While Dave Albo is a rock star with a legion of groupies who melt at his every croon and bass lick, his thoughtful centrism and his easy-going, unpretentious, next-door neighbor demeanor has created a safe Delegate seat for himself in the 42nd District as long as he wants it. That coupled with odd-year elections for the General Assembly allows Albo to take a no-risk shot at higher office.

Most importantly, if you are tired and weary of safe, scripted, stale, by-the-book campaigns as I am, a Dave Albo for Congress campaign would be the equivalent of a freewheeling, invigorating, live-for-the-moment, concert tour.

Albopalooza every week. Albopalooza on the Capitol steps. That is a unifying message.

Draft Dave Albo for Congress.

Because Dave Albo is a badass.

“Hey, hey. My, my. Rock and roll can never die.” – Neil Young





All photos courtesy of Phil Tran.

Rob Krupicka wins House of Delegates special election

Congratulations to former Alexandria City Council Member Rob Krupicka (D) for winning the 45th House District special election yesterday.  Krupicka, an advocate for mass transit and smart growth, will work to secure much needed support and funds for rail and other transportation projects for Northern Virginia from Richmond in order to help small businesses, create jobs, increase worker productivity, and enhance the quality of life in Northern Virginia.

Patrick Murray heading for rematch against Jim Moran

With the November elections behind us, attention has already shifted to next year’s federal races. ┬áPatrick Murray, who took on Jim Moran in 2010, announced Friday his intention to go for a rematch.

This will be an uphill battle, especially with the President at the top of the ticket, but I’m glad to see that Patrick is willing to take a second shot at this seat.

The text of the Murray announcement is after the jump, and it’s also available on his website, listed under the 2012 Candidates blogroll to your left.

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