November 25, 2015

About The Chesapeake Liaison

The Chesapeake Liaison is an online news and opinion outlet founded by Phil Tran in 2012.  The Chesapeake Liaison is the progeny of NOVA Common Sense, founded by Brian Schoeneman in 2010.  Phil Tran was brought on board with NOVA Common Sense in 2011. NOVA Common Sense was consistently one of the top 10 most read political blogs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The Chesapeake Liaison stands on the foundation that Brian Schoeneman built with NOVA Common Sense.

Upon securing full ownership via a mutual, amicable agreement with Brian, Phil proceeded to rebrand the outlet and expand its focus.  The Chesapeake Liaison seeks to fill the uncharted territory where blogging ends and traditional journalism begins.  In doing so, its writers and editors, opinionated in their own right, diverse in their own viewpoints, and varied in their interests, will adhere to traditional journalistic standards to the best of their ability.  Writers and editors will promote their own viewpoints in a thoughtful and professional manner. Furthermore, this outlet will also include straight, objective, original reporting from time to time.

The Chesapeake Liaison seeks to bring diverse voices in the DC/MD/VA region to report and comment on local news, politics, sports, and culture in ways “traditional” outlets cannot because our writers and editors are often participants themselves in the newsworthy stories they present.  We aspire to serve the community by delivering the most thoughtful, well-researched, and in-depth articles on local issues of interest.

Unless otherwise stated, the thoughts and opinions expressed herein belong solely to the author and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Chesapeake Liaison, any employer, or any client.

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