November 25, 2015

Dumb and Dumber run for Virginia’s 33rd Senate District Republican Primary

Ron Meyer, of the “caring” yet “me-first” self-esteem focused millenial generation, is a politically ambitious, opportunistic, attention-starved, celebrity-seeking politician. They say the most dangerous area on Capitol Hill is the path between Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and a television camera. Well, the most dangerous path in Northern Virginia and the Fox News DC studio is the path between Ron Meyer and a roomful of high-dollar donors and a camera, respectively.

Ron Meyer is suspending his quixotic Congressional campaign against Gerry Connolly (D-VA) to run for the State Senate in the event that Senator Mark Herring (D – Loudoun, Fairfax) prevails in the recount in the race for Attorney General and has to vacate his Senate seat in District 33. Meyer will follow in the footsteps of political icons in recent history who have suspended their campaigns supposedly for the greater good.

Ross Perot, among other things, did not want to throw the 1992 Presidential election into chaos in the House of Representatives and wanted to protect his daughter from dirty campaign tricks by Republicans so he suspended his campaign, only to reenter late and lose. He was also a lazy campaigner and hired rank amateurs to run his operation.

John McCain suspended his 2008 Presidential campaign to go back to Washington and “save the economy.” He voted for TARP and his poll numbers would drop across the board after he was leading Barack Obama in early September after his nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President breathed life and energy into a dead campaign.

Ron Meyer suspended his Congressional campaign to run for State Senate. Let us not beat around the bush. Ron Meyer will lose both races.

What is more pathetic is that Ron Meyer will lose to another joker who is just as politically ambitious, opportunistic, attention-starved, and celebrity-seeking as he is. John Whitbeck running for Mark Herring’s State Senate seat when it vacates was an open and notorious secret in Loudoun political circles. He really should have been Delegate by now. In his 2011 House of Delegates primary, the kid Whitbeck had the support of far-right grassroots conservatives who dominate politics in the 10th Congressional District, of which Whitbeck now leads the RPV unit as 10th District Chair. The elder Randy Minchew had the support of the business community and normal people. Whitbeck would have cruised, were it not for the fact that unknown upstart Cara Townsend ran an unexpectedly professional campaign with meager resources and garnered a shocking 22%. She siphoned voters away from Whitbeck and allowed Minchew to win by a hair in a primary that is tantamount to election.

Whitbeck was not bitter about his dashed dream of fame and stardom, just like Mitt Romney and his “silver medals” from 2008. He carefully scripted his next two years, rubbed the right elbows, endorsed the right people, stayed in the periphery of the limelight he so craves, said the “right things”, and kept his campaign team intact (just like another loser Mitt Romney).

Except Whitbeck made a serious snafu stumping for right-wing nutjob Ken Cuccinelli in which he made a tasteless, offensive joke targeting Jewish people and his audience full of 10th District right wing extremists laughed at the joke. “47%” sounds tame compared to “it is a bill for the Last Supper”, but the former was a campaign killer (among other things…that Romney campaign was a disaster from the flip-flopping elitist candidate himself to the bottom) and the latter will prove to be a campaign killer.

Dumb and Dumber run for Virginia’s 33rd Senate District Republican Primary. Who is Dumb and who is Dumber is a matter of your personal preference. Neither are good so we won’t judge you based on your labeling. Where is Smart and Smarter when you need them?

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  1. Jax says:

    Dear VA-11 GOP activists,
    Rob Meyer = Publicity Stunt, so demand he send you a campaign donation refund check and instead spend the money on Christmas gifts (or donate it to the Obenshain recount effort).

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