November 27, 2015

True Leadership and Courage from Governor Bob McDonnell

Congratulations to Governor Bob McDonnell on the passage of the transportation bill. In 2009, he campaigned as a pragmatic, solutions-oriented candidate for Governor who would be willing to work with “Democrats, Republicans, and independents” to create a Commonwealth of Opportunity. He advocated for an all of the above approach to fixing Virginia’s transportation problems by making dedicated investments in our roads, rail, and public transit systems. He outlined a vision of implementing high speed rail from Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads via Richmond to alleviate traffic and increase workforce productivity. He emphasized these points repeatedly on the campaign trail in 2009. I enthusiastically voted for Bob McDonnell in 2009. Governor McDonnell stayed true to his promises to be a practical, pragmatic, solutions-oriented Governor and I continue to support Governor McDonnell today.

Governor McDonnell stood up for the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia and kept his promise to work with all Virginians. He knew that he would face backlash from his own party and hurt his future political ambitions by brokering a compromise with Democrats to solve Virginia’s pressing transportation problems that are costing people countless hours of productivity. Governor McDonnell moved forward anyway because he truly did put people over politics.

Governor McDonnell displayed true political courage in possibly sacrificing his political future at the hands of an unhinged, irate, perpetually angry, and irrationally anti-tax GOP. When it would have been easy, convenient, and opportunistic politically to say “no” and antagonize Democrats in order to fend off hardcore Republican primary challengers for U.S. Senator or President in the future, Governor McDonnell set aside his political ambitions for the benefit of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He welcomed all Virginians to the table to broker and pass a bipartisan transportation plan to help Virginia over the long term after too many years of political posturing and inaction on this vital economic issue. This is true leadership from a true Virginia Gentleman. We need more people like Bob McDonnell in politics.

About Phil Tran

Phil Tran is the premier political consultant and web developer for pro-life female candidates and elected officials in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. He is a political independent.

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