November 29, 2015

Terry McAuliffe = Mitt Romney (Part 2)

Last Mitt Romney rant I will make for the year.

Talking to my Democratic friends, the more I learn about Terry McAuliffe, presumptive Democratic nominee for Governor of Virginia, the more I am disturbed by his uncanny resemblance to my least favorite politician ever – Mitt Romney.  The following is an addendum to part one.

Here is a recap.

“[Both Terry McAuliffe and Mitt Romney are great businessmen.  That is a good thing and must be encouraged.  Every similarity beyond that one positive trait is scary.]

Both went statewide in their first attempt at elected office and lost.  Mitt Romney lost his U.S. Senate race in 1994 and Terry McAuliffe lost his bid for the Democratic nomination for Virginia Governor in 2009.

Mitt Romney campaigned for President for six years from 2006 to 2012, despite losing to an uninspiring and tired John McCain in 2008 primary.  Terry McAuliffe never stopped campaigning since 2008, despite losing to an inept and  incompetent Creigh Deeds in the 2009 primary.

Other than general platitudes about business, nobody knows where Mitt Romney and Terry McAuliffe stand.  Republicans were not enthused about Romney, but they fell in line.  Democrats are not enthused about McAuliffe, but they are falling in line.

President Barack Obama was vulnerable, but Mitt Romney was the worst candidate to challenge Obama so he lost by a landslide.  Many independents do not like Ken Cuccinelli, who is unapologetic and outspoken on some very controversial hot button issues.  Ken Cuccinelli, despite his liabilities, currently looks like a stronger candidate because Terry McAuliffe is not a good candidate to challenge Cuccinelli.

What goes around comes around in politics.  Mitt Romney was the Republican John Kerry.  Terry McAuliffe is the Democratic Mitt Romney.”

Add to that the fact that diehard supporters of Terry McAuliffe and Mitt Romney who jumped on board from the very start are arrogant, egotistical, entitled, exclusive, and elitist.

T-Mac and Mittens may be good people, but the abrasiveness of their diehard supporters offers a bad reflection of the candidates.  It reflects poorly because it highlights the type of exclusive, unwelcoming culture that is allowed to develop within the ranks of the supporters.

One of my friends started working for Republican candidates in 2009 after being inspired by a certain Republican Governor.  This Republican Governor at the time posed a direct threat to Mitt Romney’s path to the Presidential nomination in 2012 (it would turn out to be a false alarm).  As a result, everywhere my friend went from 2009 to 2012, a conversation would inevitably come up at cocktail parties in DC.  It went like this.

Former Democrat: “I was a lifelong Democrat until 2008.”
Romney Diehard: “Oh wow.  What made you change?”
Former Democrat: “Sarah Palin.”
Romney Diehard: “You people represent everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.  Go away.  We only want Rockefeller Republicans around here. That is what the people want, that is where the country is, and Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States.”

Way to roll out the welcome mat, folks.  You were speaking to a, hello, FORMER DEMOCRAT TURNED REPUBLICAN, and then you proceeded to insult his very motivation for coming over to your Party.  If you want to know why Mitt Romney had such a difficult time rallying the Party, it was because his problems went far beyond being a flip-flopping “Massachusetts moderate” who had absolutely no credibility to speak out against the individual mandate.

Mitt Romney’s people insulted the very people who could be his best supporters since 2009.  The Romney Kool-Aid drinkers were so dead set on making Mitt Romney the next President in 2012 that they sought to denigrate and marginalize anyone who stood in their path for 2012 (They were nicer to the 2016 types…because it was not “their turn”.).

Why would Republicans from factions of the Party the Romney people disrespected be expected to “fall in line?”

This makes the latest, and hopefully final, revelations from the embarrassing Romney campaign so damaging and disturbing.

Mitt Romney never really wanted to be President anyway?   Puh-leeze.

Mittens kept his campaign team from his failed 2008 Presidential bid (began in 2006) intact and ready to roll for 2012 since 2009.  Why else would you run into so many DC cocktail party socialites in the know with professional connections to Romney’s inner circle tell you that Mittens was going to be the next President as far back as 2009???!!!?!

What goes around comes around indeed. Mitten’s people employed a slash-and-burn strategy under the radar against all potential GOP challengers from 2009-2012 and disrespected everyone on their way to the top of the GOP for 2012.  They could not close the deal in 2012 and got blown out.  Now, nobody wants to associate with them and some of Romney’s staffers are still unemployed and shellshocked to this day.  They seriously thought Mittens was going to win and didn’t plan for anything else.  Tone-deaf doesn’t even begin to describe this.  What a delusional nightmare.

I say all that to say that my Democratic friends have told me that diehard Terry McAuliffe supporters are no better than diehard Mitt Romney supporters.    They seem so much alike.

T-Mac, take note.  You are walking down the same path like Mittens.  We can probably bet on Ken Cuccinelli being the next Governor of Virginia.

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  1. belinda duras says:

    I won’t ever stop rubbing it in the red koolaid drinkers faces. i told them so i told them so. this is what you get when you fall for a cult mormon, more stupidiy us Smart ones wrote in Sarah Palin. we never sold our souls to the devil and denied Jesus for either moslem or mormon cult. ovamit invited his partner in crime mutt rubbish to a dinner at the white house within a couple of days.

  2. section9 says:

    Thanks for speaking the Truth, Big Gipper. The Romney people were swine to any Palin supporter they ran into, online or in person.

    Someday, the story behind the relationship between the Romney Campaign and Sarah Palin will be told. It’s not pretty, and Palin came out smelling like a rose. There are more reasons than even you may know why Palin stayed the hell out of Romney’s sight.

    She wanted to fight another day. Romney is so toxic that he and his people affect everyone around him. Except Jeb Bush, who will also live to fight another day.

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