November 24, 2015

Ron Paul for President

I firmly believe that it is important for our democracy to have good choices of candidates to choose from for general elections. This is why I support open primaries so that people can have their voice heard in the primary of their choosing without the burden and inconveniences of party registration.

Today, I casted my vote in the GOP Presidential Primary FOR the candidate of my choice. Before I did so, I went through a three step process.

First, did I have a compelling personal friendship with one of the candidates that would allow me to set aside policy differences and cast my ballot based on the candidate’s character, integrity, and trustworthiness which I can vouch for firsthand? Like regular folks in the middle whom the partisans have a hard time understanding, I can always vote for people I disagree with politically because I know them personally to be good people who will be faithful stewards and role models for our youth. These qualities can trump policy differences. However, the answer to the question posed here is no.

Second, as a promoter of women’s rights who has wanted to see a female President from the moment I first became interested in politics, was there a woman in the race to allow gender to be a non-determinative factor in my decision? The answer is no.

Therefore, I casted my vote today for the candidate whose political viewpoints most closely reflect my own.

Ron Paul is a defender of life, a promoter of social tolerance, a voice for a George Washington-tonian, non-interventionist foreign policy of peace, and a consistent fiscal conservative. I don’t agree with Congressman Paul on everything as I primarily deviate on a couple of points in the fiscal realm, but I appreciate his authenticity and consistency in the face of political pressures to do otherwise and I believe that the challenges America faces today demands bold solutions. Ron Paul proposes those bold solutions.

Ron Paul is my choice to be the GOP nominee for President.

About Phil Tran

Phil Tran is the premier political consultant and web developer for pro-life female candidates and elected officials in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. He is a political independent.

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