November 30, 2015

Another Talking Head

I’m happy to now be writing for Common Sense and pontificating on the never-ending circus that is Northern Virginia politics.

To recap my bio, I was born in Tupelo, MS (bonus points if you know what famous person is from Tupelo) and lived all over the Mid-South–Memphis, TN; Grenada & Greenwood, MS; Decatur, AL.  I have been a Republican for as long as I can remember, coming from a long line of Southern Democrats.  I remember getting into trouble in the 1st grade for writing “Bob Dole for President” on my school text book.  I got my start in politics in 2003 when I was in boarding school in Melbourne, FL.  My local representative happened to be a Republican and I walked into his office and said I wanted to volunteer.  I spent that year stuffing envelopes, typing data into a computer, and following the representative around to events.  That year was also an election year and I was able to work on the campaign and learned a lot about what it takes to make a campaign work.  Between 2003 and 2006 I spent my time organizing many civic projects in the community and from that point on I knew that politics and public service were my path.

In the Summer of 2007 I was asked by a friend of the family in Mississippi to run his campaign office in a Public Service Commission race.  The MS Public Service Commission regulate utilities in the State and is comprised of 3 elected commissioners.  That was a fun job because I traveled all over Northern Mississippi and saw parts of the state I had never seen; meeting people from all walks of life.  That summer gave me a soft spot for people that are struggling to make a living and helped some of my personal political and social views.  I got into a debate with the candidate I was working for, I was much more conservative at that time, and he told me that there is a difference between a hand up and a hand out.

After that summer I went to George Mason and studied Public Administration.  I spent my free time volunteering for campaigns in Fairfax County and with various civic associations and County BACs.  In 2009 I was offered the campaign manager position with Patty Reed and accepted.  We ran a great race with an even better candidate and defeated a guy who boasted his Democratic credentials on his campaign signs for a non-partisan position.

I am currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration at American University with concentrations in State & Local Management, and Public Budgeting & Finance.  I am helping other Republican candidates in Fairfax in the upcoming 2011 elections.  You can also read my posts at RedNOVA.

My style of discourse is aimed at promoting a debate.  I often play devil’s advocate and have the ability to argue both sides of the issue.  I believe it is a good skill to have because being married to one side, and ignorant of the other, does not make for healthy conversation and results in faulty policies being produced at many levels.  That being said, I do not often argue my personal views because my personal bias is my own and does not necessarily help to promote an effective conversation or solution to the complex problems we are facing.

My interests these days rest in policy and how its affected by politics.  I have a research interest in the Fairfax County School Board and the relationship (aka highway robbery) between Fairfax County and Richmond.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I also write/comment under “localgop”.

As always, I welcome any comments, accolades, and criticisms on any comment or post I write.  You can also email me at  My only request is that they be at least somewhat constructive and not mere anonymous attempts at character assassination.



  1. Welcome, Kyle! We;ve disagreed for a couple of years now. Glad to see you contributing here. Especially thrilled to see you do it under your own personal moniker.


  2. I have always found your posts and comments worth reading, and look forward to seeing them here!

  3. HisRoc says:


  4. PS: There’s a “Another Texan for Dole/Kemp” poster hanging in my office here. It’s one of the pieces that I’m prouder of than the rest of the collection.
    (the rest includes such items as the Will-Call ticket pickup signage from the 1997 Inauguration, etc….)

    Also noticed, you’re a young whipper-snapper. I had recently left executive protection details and was applied to the Border Patrol just then.

  5. Glad to have you aboard, Kyle! It will be nice not to be the only RINO getting attacked around here. I wonder how long it will take for your fans to show up from Mason Conservative. :)

  6. David Skiles says:

    Welcome aboard Kyle. Looking forward to your insight.

  7. Great to have my good friend Kyle aboard. Should we all get RINO shirts made now or later.

  8. I want a RINO shirt!!

  9. Loudoun Patriot says:

    Great to have a new contibutor! Looking forward to meeting you Kyle. KK

  10. Dr. Bombay says:

    @ NJM

    This shirt is amazing to me on a number of levels. Enjoy.

  11. Dr. Bombay says:
  12. Dr. Bombay says:
  13. I liked the 2nd one!!

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