May 25, 2015

Constantly Impressed by Lt. Governor Bill Bolling

I know fellow Common Sense contributor Kristen Kalina posted a great article the other day about Lt. Governor Bolling running for US Senate in 2012 instead of for Governor in 2013. However, as I continue to watch the Lt. Gov and his efforts to attract and retain businesses in Virginia, the more apparent it is to me that we need Lt. Governor Bolling in the Governor’s mansion.

Recently, the Lt. Governor posted a great article on his blog talking about what he and Governor McDonnell achieved in their first year in office. While I would encourage readers to visit his blog, here are some of the notable achievements:

  • Created 67,900 net new jobs in Virginia
  • Reduced Virginia’s unemployment rate from 7.3% to 6.8%
  • Generated a $400M surplus
  • Rejected a $2B tax increase, balanced the budget and found $6B worth of spending cuts
  • Reached out to Virginia business leaders to find ways to improve the business climate in the Commonwealth
  • Encouraged businesses in states such as California, New Jersey, and New York to move to Virginia

It is clear that both Gov. McDonnell and Lt. Governor Bolling have been hard at work ensuring that Virginia’s economy continues to grow and that the Commonwealth remains one of the top business-friendly states in the nation.

Recently, Gov. McDonnell and Lt. Gov Bolling announced the Opportunity at Work Agenda.  The Opportunity at Work Agenda seeks to build on the progress made last year. According to Bill’s blog, there are six areas of emphasis in the Opportunity at Work Agenda:

  • Growing Virginia’s Innovation Economy
  • Supporting Small Business
  • Expanding Virginia’s Tourism Economy
  • Revitalization, Redevelopment and Regional Cooperation
  • Training Workers For Virginia Businesses
  • Job Creating Tax Reform

I would encourage readers to continue to follow Bolling’s activities as Lt. Governor and as the “Chief Job Creation Officer.” At a time when other states are facing fiscal nightmares and the realty of mismanagement, Virginia’s economy is continuing to grow and that is because Virginia has leaders like Bill at the helm.

You can keep pace with the Lt. Governor’s updates by clicking here or by visiting his campaign website.


  1. Not to be skeptical of your objectivity in supporting Lt. Gov. Bolling, David, but do you have any financial interest in his campaigns or future campaigns?

  2. Loudoun Patriot says:

    Good piece David, as you know I think Bolling is a stellar candidate for the future of Virginia in any capacity and we ought to promote him as much as possible in any capacity.

  3. JS says:

    As Virginians, we all have a financial interest in the selection of our next Governor, Lloyd.

    The Lieutenant Governor is more than qualified simply based on the facts provided by Mr. Skiles. But the true mark of his ability to lead is his good character. In 2009, the Lieutenant Governor put his party before his pride and ran as part of a team with Bob McDonnell.

    That selflessness alone earns him my unwavering support.

  4. RedDaisy says:

    I could not have said it better myself. Bill Bolling is a tremendous asset to the Commonwealth and needs to stay in Richmond. He recognizes that creating strong business relationships and diverse initiatives will bring prosperity and success to Virginia now and into the future.

    We already see the positive results appearing in Virginia after only a year of work. I look forward to seeing what the Lt. Governor will do for the remainder of his current term and in the future as Governor.

  5. KM says:

    Lt. Governor Bolling has obviously proved that he is currently and will continue to serve as a huge asset to Virginians at any level of service.

  6. JS, with that BS answer, I’ll assume the real answer is “yes.”

  7. David Skiles says:

    No, i don’t have a financial interest in him running. I just think he is doing a great job.

  8. I like Bolling as a senate candidate, but this discussion (original posts and comments) strikes me as contrived.

  9. The Bulletproof Monk says:

    David…you know I like your style, but it’s been somewhat of a courtesy to call posters by their blog handles. It aviods the tradgedy of “personal” politics that some individuals fall back to when their agenda is weak.
    It is commonly known who I am, but only the truly desperate actually call me out.
    I’m not indicating that you’re desperate. Quite the opposite. I’m suggesting that you just gave them ammo for their unfortunate positions.

  10. Steve Vaughan says:

    I’d have to say, you’re easily impressed.
    If it comes down to a contest for the nomination in 2013, expect Cuccinelli to beat up Bolling and take his lunch money.

  11. They smelled contrived to me too, Lloyd, but I checked the IPs and they’re all different people with different email addresses, none of whom have posted on the site before. So welcome you three!

    On the point about consulting and blogging. Given my experience at Too Conservative (and this is not a shot at Vincent), I want to be clear that any of the contributors here who are actively consulting with a campaign and are being paid should do their best to disclose that fact. Terrence has disclosed his relationship with Spike Williams campaign. He is, to my knowledge, the only contributor actively consulting with any candidates right now.

    I don’t have a problem with folks writing and consulting for candidates, but we should disclose that fact.

    Getting back to the point of the article, I agree with Skiles and LP. Bolling is a great elected official and I was extremely impressed with him in the small group meetings I attended at the RPV Advance, and I thought he was one of the few speakers who didn’t talk our ears off.

    I’m looking forward to supporting him in whatever endeavors he takes moving forward.

  12. David Skiles says:

    BPM: Duly noted. Thank you.

  13. The Bulletproof Monk says:

    In re-reading her first posting…I’m pretty sure she outed herself as “KK” in the comments.
    Still, some will abuse common decency in the future…mark my words.

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