December 1, 2015

Krystal Ball and her husband seem to be giving the Salahis a run for their money

Check out the convoluted business transactions Riley over at Virginia Virtucon discovered about 1st District Democratic candidate Krystal Ball and her husband Jonathan Dariyanani.  I have to give Riley credit here – he followed this up and connected the dots like a real forensic accountant. Granted, Ball’s chances of winning are pretty slim, given Rob Wittman’s popularity, but it’s kind of frightening that someone with this kind of financial background hasn’t been vetted – either by the Democrats in the 1st district or by the WaPo or some other MSM outlet.

As Loudoun Insider noted over at Too Conservative, where’s the mainstream media with this story?  Way to go Riley on the scoop.

Check out his great work here.


  1. Ain’t that the truth. Seems the liberal media is all about foisting crooks upon us these days. Just another slash in their hot air balloon, if you ask me.
    Eventually, it’ll get so bad that American’s first instinct is to go to Fox News to confirm any allegation set out by these liberal whiners. But, hey…..they built this machine.
    I’m reminded of Western Union Telegraphs in the days immediately after the invention of the fax machine. They totally missed the boat and did not even have a R&D product in the wings to compete with the invention.
    We all know where that left them in today’s messaging….

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